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Clean ups

  • Analyze startup and service items to eliminate slow boot times.

  • Survey and update system drivers for maximum performance and functionality.

  • Remove hidden temporary/junk files to free storage space.

  • Check power management and individual device settings for highest performance.

  • Sweep invalid registry keys for greater reliability and speed.

  • Advanced disk defragmentation for quicker file access and load times.

  • Optimize page file sizing for less lag in applications.

Setups and Computer Sales

Unpack computer and hook up all necessary peripherals and cables. Walk the computer through the initial setup procedure provided by the computer manufacturer. Configure your system to access the Internet. Install virus/spyware protection software and firewall software. Install and configure up to (2) specialized software packages (ie. Quickbooks etc...) or 3 small programs. Brief overview of Windows operating system.



Data Recovery and Transfer

Take hard drive to have data recovered. Perform extended recovery procedures i.e.: direct drive connection, specialized software scanning, drive re-initialization, and folder administration.

Secure transfer of files between machines includes Favorites, My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, My Videos, Outlook & the Desktop folder.  We then verify that all files transferred correctly.

Hardware Install

Installation of any of the following devices: modems, hard drives, memory, sound cards, graphic cards, network cards, floppy drives, or CD/DVD drives; Install drivers as necessary for the expansion card/drive operation; power up and verify PC is operational.



Network Setup

Setup up devices and connect them to computer/network. Install and configure peripheral devices such as printers, external hard drives, wirelss/wired devices or multifunction devices. Install and test device drivers.

Operating System Install

Install Windows Operating System (Latest Windows or Mac OS). Install anti-virus program (freeware or commercial grade). Install anti-spyware program (freeware or commercial grade ). Run all Windows updates.

Printer Fix
Printer Setup
Tablet / eReader Setup
Virus Removal
Workstation Migration
and a full line of business and residential products
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